New BugZapper Introduction

Marley Junior marley.jnr at
Fri May 14 02:59:42 UTC 2010


After several years in the background I've decided to contribute to
the Fedora community so I have applied to join the BugZappers group.

I am a 32 year old Linux Support Engineer working for a large UK based
server hosting company based in Manchester. I have en expired RHCE
(v7.3) and am due for a re-take on 21st May to get this qualification
up to date. On and off I have over 10 years of Unix/Linux experience
from a brief liaison with AIX and (original) SCO before migrating to
Linux around the release time of RedHat 4.2. I have a fairly broad
knowledge base, although my expertise does tend to lean towards
non-GUI server aspects of the OS. My main area of interest is
Virtualisation (KVM) and I have a desire to get involved with any
kernel based work possible. Otherwise, the truth is all aspects of the
OS inspire me to broaden my knowledge at every opportunity.

I hope this is a satisfactory introduction and I look forward to
joining the group shortly.

Martyn Skene Ashworth

IRC: marleyjnr @
msn: marley.jnr at

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