Post install dual-head nouveau setup?

Robert G. (Doc) Savage dsavage at
Mon May 17 13:42:17 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-05-17 at 04:02 -0400, Chris Kloiber wrote:
> I did remove the xorg.conf as well as all the nvidia packages from 
> rpmfusion and the nomodeset and rdblacklist=nouveau from the grub.conf. 
> I then rebooted and the primary head only came back up, but at a very 
> low resolution, and using vesa. I then ran system-config-display and was 
> unable to do much more than bring the primary head up to about 1024x768 
> (or was it 1280x1024?) using the nouveau driver. I could not activate 
> the second head at all.
> You mentioned xrandr... Last I knew it didn't do much. It must be the 
> missing link. If it's required to configure the display it needs to be 
> integrated with system-config-display though.
> Thanks.
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I have a ThinkPad W700 with a 1920x1200 nVidia display running F13beta
w/updates. To get 3D I also installed the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental
package and added nomodeset and rdblacklist=nouveau to grub.conf. The
result, as you say, was not pretty. No amount of futzing around with
xrander allowed me to increase the resolution beyond 1280x960 (I think).

When I removed the grub.conf additions and rebooted, it came back up in
full 1920x1200 resolution. The nexuiz 3D game now works with just the
new mesa drivers, so it appears they "just work".


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