An Incantation to Make Fedora Green for Nvidia Users

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Tue May 18 10:54:53 UTC 2010

2010/5/18 Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R <caf at>

> The open source Nvidia drivers run the cooling fans
> at full screaming speed.  Continuous fan operation at
> full speed when not necessary does not save energy
> or fan bearings.
> The following procedure allowed me to install the current
> Nvidia binary driver on 64 bit RC3.
> 1.  Install RC3 with vesa graphics driver
> 2.  Obtain the current .run file from Nvidia
> 3.  Use Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get a character mode tty
> 4.  init 3
> 5.  Run the Nvidia installer.  Be sure to let Nvidia
> update the configuration (modify xorg.conf).
> 6.  Reboot
> Step 3 is necessary because giving init 3 from an
> X terminal window bollixes the keyboard.
> thank you

Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige's wall, there was this one: "Matters of
great concern should be treated lightly." Master Ittei commented, "Matters
of small concern should be treated seriously."
(Ghost Dog : The Way of The Samurai)
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