"Development Libraries" Yum Group Does Not Install On Fedora 13

Robert L Cochran cochranb at speakeasy.net
Tue May 18 15:57:56 UTC 2010

On 05/18/2010 11:47 AM, Adam Pribyl wrote:
> On Tue, 18 May 2010, Robert L Cochran wrote:
>> When I tried to 'yum groupinstall "Development Libraries"', in Fedora
>> 13, it failed with these messages:
>> Transaction Check Error:
>>    package gnutls-2.8.6-1.fc13.x86_64 (which is newer than
>> gnutls-2.8.5-4.fc13.i686) is already installed
>>    package openldap-2.4.21-6.fc13.x86_64 (which is newer than
>> openldap-2.4.21-4.fc13.i686) is already installed
>>    package db4-4.8.30-1.fc13.x86_64 (which is newer than
>> db4-4.8.26-1.fc13.i686) is already installed
>>    file /usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/libgnutls.mo from install of
>> gnutls-2.8.5-4.fc13.i686 conflicts with file from package
>> gnutls-2.8.6-1.fc13.x86_64
> Seems like you have already i686 libs and triing to install x86_64.
> Did you try to yum clean all or yum groupremove "Development Libraries"?
>> I'm not sure what to do to get the Libraries group installed?
>> Thanks
>> Bob
> Adam Pribyl

Remember that the "Development Libraries" group has not yet installed 
successfully. So I can't groupremove it. My goal is to get the group to 
install correctly.

I'm also not sure if using 'yum clean all' is the right step here.

I have an x86_64 system and it is pretty normal to have both i686 and 
x86_64 binaries for some packages.

The Fedora 13 system is new for me since last Saturday -- I started by 
installing just the Desktop installation type from an RC2 beta DVD, now 
I'm using yum to install different package groups of interest. I was 
able to install the "Development Tools" group successfully, now I think 
I need the "Development Libraries" group. Maybe I'm wrong about this.


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