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Wed May 19 19:15:39 UTC 2010


Hello and welcome :)

On Wed, 2010-05-19 at 14:27 -0400, Benjamin Turner wrote:
> Hi everyone, thank you for giving the opportunity to join the Fedora
> BugZapper group.  My name is Ben and I live in Raleigh NC.  I am an
> avid Fedora user and have been working in the Linux world for the last
> couple of years.  My interests and experience lie in clustering,
> iSCSI, filesystems, automating QA testing, and storage in general.  I
> work in these areas and would like to further my knowledge of these
> technologies and get more into the upstream community.  

I can't speak for filesystems and storage testing, but I can point you
towards some current automation activities.  Right now, several folks
(wwoods, kparal, jskladan) are working towards automating the package
update acceptance test plan [1] using a test framework called AutoQA
[2].  While the current priority is automating RPM package sanity tests,
there are other possibilities worth exploring if you are interested.
For example, Liam Li is outlining a system for automating installation
testing [3].

If you are familiar with filesystem test automation, or would like to
be, there is certainly plenty of room for fun there.  We're always open
to new contributors, feel free to pitch some ideas or ask questions on
autoqa-devel at

With regards to iSCSI, there isn't a of planned testing outside of
validating installation to iSCSI volumes.  For details on what we have
now, check out the test cases [4] that are currently part of
installation validation [5].  If there are any gaps or areas you'd like
to improve, please feel free to raise your concerns on the list.

> I have some experience working in bugzilla but I am new to Fedora
> triaging so any help in getting started would be appreciated.  

Great.  I always look to Edward and Adam for guidance on triage efforts.

I look forward to your contributions!



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