Graphically Unmounting Disk Volumes In Fedora 13

Karel Volný kvolny at
Mon May 24 08:11:04 UTC 2010

On Sunday 23 of May 2010 21:19:16 Fred Erickson wrote:
> Most of the people who are not technical-savvy and want to
> remain that way are using Window$ or Macinto$h machines. I
> think most Fedora users are geeks or geek wannabe's :-) Don't
> dumb down Fedora by removing useful tools from the default
> gui installation. For a new user, if a tool isn't listed in a
> menu, it's devilish hard to learn of it's existence.

+1 ... well, please don't dumb down *anything* even for those 
non-geek; yet I haven't heard anyone complaining about all the 
advanced controls on our washing machine ... those who don't 
understand them simply do not use them, they turn the knob to the 
appropriate picture and push the start button, it is only me who 
adds extra rinse (because of allergy), and I really don't want to 
have that rinse button removed to "satisfy" (ahem!) those not 
using and understanding it

oh, and please, why do we need to use "safely remove" - just to 
copy Windows not to confuse those not technical-savvy?

sometimes I feel like a dumb user too, "safely remove" didn't 
make any sense to me; until I've read in this thread what it 
really does, I had no clue that it shuts down the USB power, I 
thought that it is just a remnant of bad UI design which just 
took a part of "now you can safely remove the device" and made it 
into a menu item "safely remove"

so, now it seems there is at least _some_ meaning to "remove" - 
remove the node from /dev (Tommy says "wipe it out from the dev 
block devices")

... but I've never observed such behaviour, even the "safely 
removed" devices remain in the list and can be mounted again 
without unpluging and pluging them in again

so, it may be hard to describe what's going to be done using some 
simple menu item ... but at least "Prepare for removal" or 
something like that would be 100% more logical than "Safely 
remove" when (at least in some cases) nothing really gets removed


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