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David Riches david.r at
Thu May 27 11:16:20 UTC 2010

Hi All

I am writing to introduce myself, and hopefully become a part of the bug zappers group.

I have been involved in *nux administration for around 7 years, mainly with commercial application due to my business interests. I became interested, and started using fedora as my primary os with F7.

My main areas of interest are mail servers, iptables, video encoding, mplayer, nvidia - although I enjoy working with all aspects of linux adminstration, specifically fedora.

Regarding programming languages, I am continually studying Python as a hobby, and although I would not describe myself as a Python dev, I can certainly find my way around the code.

I am really enjoying contributing to the fedora project, and hope to be contributing to triage soon enough.

Kind Regards

David Riches
fas account:dcr226
msn: david_riches69 at
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