dnsmasq broken in Fedora 13

Dennis J. dennisml at conversis.de
Fri May 28 13:23:41 UTC 2010

On 05/28/2010 02:48 PM, Tom Horsley wrote:
>> dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket: Address already in use
>> I can't find anything related to dhcp in the ps -ef output
> A good source of info (when run as root) is:
> ss -l -p
> (ss is the new and improved "netstat"). That will tell you which
> programs are listening on which ports.

I don't know about "new and improved". When I make my shell window wider so 
all the info fits in one line what instead happens is that ss makes the 
gaps between column larger...which again makes the content fill more than a 
line. "netstat -lp" is easier to parse for humans IMHO.


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