Newer kernels in F13 (and F12)

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Sat May 29 15:55:44 UTC 2010

Frank Murphy wrote:
> On 29/05/10 14:06, Vedran Miletić wrote:
>> Hi,
>> what is the current policy on bumping kernel version after release?
>> I'm well aware that bumping kernel version might break many things and
>> as such isn't desirable, but bug 572963 [1], which affects F12 and
>> F13, is fixed (for me at least) in rawhide 2.6.34 kernel.
> Have you checked Koji for a kernel?
> Try installing the rawhide kernel?
> If it fixes your problem.
This is probably useful in general, but since he already tried the rawhide 
kernel it isn't new information and doesn't seem to answer his question, which 
was about policy.

I'm fairly sure that kernel version upgrades have taken place in the past, but I 
don't know what policy might be on doing so. Since I've been told that my pet 
bug will not be in FC13, if a fix comes out I will happily build my own kernel, 
and be happy to do so. There have been times in the past when a rawhide kernel 
pulled in many things I didn't want to touch, so source is still 
desirable at times.

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