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Adam Williamson awilliam at
Mon May 31 15:18:09 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-05-31 at 16:56 +0200, Vedran Miletić wrote:
> 2010/3/24 Adam Williamson <awilliam at>:
> > Great idea!
> I did an experimental class with this last week (a bit later than
> planned, indeed), information below. Students reacted very well and
> figured out how to do things pretty quickly.
> > Just for the initial demonstration session, I'd say it's fine for you to
> > create a single account for the whole class to use. If they want to go
> > on and do some Bugzapping work after the class, though, I'd say each
> > should register their own account at that point. Perhaps change the
> > password for the demo account after the class is over, so you will still
> > have access to it to answer any follow-ups on any of the bugs you touch.
> We did it for the time being without accounts, they were offline and
> posted info about bugs to Moodle.
> >> 2) I plan to focus on finding duplicates and triaging radeon-related
> >> stuff, because it's quite easy to explain stuff there (KMS/UMS,
> >> xf86-video-radeon/radeonhd, card generations etc.), but I don't want
> >> to limit myself to that. Any other suggestions what to work on?
> >
> > Beland's reply to this looks good to me.
> This part is interesting. To get familiar with clicking around
> bugzilla, I assigned them to looking into Xorg logs attached to bugs
> and finding out details about graphics cards and KMS. Over 70% of
> reports were usable, and I could go over them afterwards and change
> summary on each bug.
> I would like to push this further, as I discussed today with Matej on
> IRC. Can we arrange it all somehow for next monday 1530 CET? I have
> only one group of students, not two as planned earlier.

I'm glad to hear this went ahead, and sorry I wasn't around to help out
- I wrote it down in my Tasks list, but forgot that I'd be out of the
country at that time and didn't transfer it to the list I had in the UK.

I could be around next Monday, sure - I'll put it in my calendar this
time so I definitely don't lose it. =) Matej actually integrated a
function into the triage scripts at one point which automatically
extracted the correct card details from the first Xorg.0.log attached to
the bug and dumped them in the Whiteboard field, but I think it may be
broken at the moment; that's definitely a good way to handle that,
though. Could you outline what you want to do next week for the rest of
us, who weren't around for the IRC conversation? Thanks!
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