Devices (was Re: Preupgrade change?)

Michael Cronenworth mike at
Mon Nov 1 18:26:03 UTC 2010

Adam Williamson wrote:
> The N900 is unfortunately impractical in territories with no 1700 or
> 2100 band providers (or poor ones).

For 3G, yes, but I live with 2.5G service as I'm almost always near a 
WLAN AP. (I don't have 1700 or 2100 service near me). The N900 should be 
able to provide voice calling from anywhere in the world.

The frequency issue will be "fixed" with quad-band 3G MeeGo devices next 

Even then, 3G carriers are overloaded and can hardly provide quality 
service to stream video or download faster than EDGE-speeds. Video 
calling is also a moot point as no USA carrier offers it and the 
countries that do offer it, offer it at a high expense. You're better 
off using Skype or XMPP via WLAN on the N900 for that. ;)

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