No Splash Screen

James Laska jlaska at
Wed Nov 3 11:56:38 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 15:43 +0530, Saurabh Sharma wrote:
> Under F14 when the system starts i'm missing to see the splash screen
> that used to be there under F12. Even punching 'e' to edit the kernel
> parameters at the Boot Screen don't solve the problem. All that i see
> during that time is a blinking cursor in the top left corner and then
> directly the playmouth theme, showing loadig of fedora.

If I'm understanding your explanation, this is working as designed.

The only "splash" screen I'm aware of prior to plymouth graphical boot
was the bootloader menu.  In older Fedora releases, the grub bootloader
screen was always presented.  That behavior was changed (can't find the
feature page link at the moment).  To access the grub menu during boot,
you must press (and hold) <Shift> during boot.  This behavior can be
changed in /etc/grub.conf.

What information is in your grub.conf now?

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