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Wed Nov 3 13:13:22 UTC 2010

On 11/03/2010 11:56 AM, James Laska wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-11-03 at 15:43 +0530, Saurabh Sharma wrote:
>> Under F14 when the system starts i'm missing to see the splash screen
>> that used to be there under F12. Even punching 'e' to edit the kernel
>> parameters at the Boot Screen don't solve the problem. All that i see
>> during that time is a blinking cursor in the top left corner and then
>> directly the playmouth theme, showing loadig of fedora.
> If I'm understanding your explanation, this is working as designed.
> The only "splash" screen I'm aware of prior to plymouth graphical boot
> was the bootloader menu.  In older Fedora releases, the grub bootloader
> screen was always presented.  That behavior was changed (can't find the
> feature page link at the moment).  To access the grub menu during boot,
> you must press (and hold)<Shift>  during boot.  This behavior can be
> changed in /etc/grub.conf.

The feature that James speaks of was the KernelModesetting [1] and you 
should be able to press "anykey" if I'm not mistaken.

Beside the feature page this got discussed here on the test list and 
also in some bug if I recall correctly.
( thou bugs should not generally be used for discussions that arent 
technically related to problem in question )
You can search the list archives for the discussion if you need more 
info on the matter.

Afaik the 0 second timeout has been in effect since F10 on all 
non-serial, non-multiboot installs.

If you are doing serial install or have multiple operating systems 
installed Anaconda should give you the 5 seconds timeout to select 
however if it does not please file a bug against Anaconda and the 
Anaconda team will take a look at it.

You will need to set some timeout of your choosing in grub if you want 
change this default behaviour and you can do so either by open 
/etc/grub.conf and edit the timeout entry manually as James was 
mentioned or you can open a terminal and run.

su -c 'sed -i 's/timeout=0/timeout=5/g' /etc/grub.conf'

which will change the default timeout of 0 to 5 seconds as it used to be.

If you want to disable plymouth and get more verbose output during the 
bootup process simply remove "rhgb quiet" from the kernel entry either 
in the grub menu at bootup or change it permanently by removing it in 



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