Fedora 15 rawhide not booting after update

Athmane Madjoudj athmanem at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 06:07:32 UTC 2010


After updating a fedora rawhide KVM guest today (Nov 5 4:00 UTC), the vm 
can't boot anymore, I've managed to get the output of the vm with serial 
console (thanks to libguestfs and virt-edit), here's the error messages:

Failed to open syslog for logging: No such file or directory
FATAL: Module scsi_wait_scan not found.

After that I get a dracut debug shell

Host is: Fedora 14 x86_64, 3G RAM
Guest is: Fedora 15 (rawhide) i686 with VirtIO (Disk and NIC), 512M 
Memory, 8G Disk.

Any thoughts are welcome;

Best Regards.

Athmane Madjoudj

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