F14 Flag Day Breaks Pan Newsreader

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R caf at omen.com
Sat Nov 6 19:48:17 UTC 2010

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>> >  Since installing F14 the Pan newsreader has been unable to
>> >  read multipart binary postings.  Errors like this appear.
>> >  
>> >     Warning: PCRC32 mismatch   Decoded file probably corrupt.
>> >  
>> >  This is with the version of Pan installed with
>> >  system>admin>add/remove.
> You must have something else wrong.  Pan is working just fine here on
> F14, and has from the time of install.  I installed using yum, but that
> shouldn't matter.
>   pan-0.133-4.fc12.src.rpm
> Despite the name, it is on F14, and everything is fully up to date with
> updates-testing.
> Perhaps there is a dependency that is missing because of packaging
> error?
> Try running
> yum deplist pam
> ------------------------------
Did you check with a large miltipart yenc encoded posting?
Fedora 14 pan works fine reading simple text articles.
It is the binary yenc encoded postings that pan cannot
recover because of crc errors.  The key phrase is
"PCRC32 mismatch"

I installed Klibido and it too is generally unable to correctly download
yenc encoded files.  A few per cent of the files in a multipart
archive download correctly but most are corrupt, with no
error message displayed.  At least pan complains about it.

I have confirmed that the first 100 parts of the archive
in question are correct.

At the moment I suspect some change in character
classification in some library is causing the problem.

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