2010-11-08 - Fedora QA meeting recap

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Nov 8 17:50:08 UTC 2010

As always, details and IRC transcript are available on the wiki at

= Attendees =

People present (lines said)
      * jlaska (67)
      * adamw (16)
      * mkrizek (6)

Unable to attend:
      * rhe
      * Newgle1
      * wwoods
      * kparal
      * jskladan

= Agenda =
      * Proposed meeting agenda -
      * MeetBot summary -

== Previous meeting follow-up ==
      * None

== Common_F14_Bugs ==

Owner - adamw and jlaska
      * Quick check-in on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F14_bugs
      * Monitoring forum and test at lists.fedoraproject.org feedback for
        new entries
Next steps...
      * Continue to monitor mailing list and forum feedback for
        potential common bugs

== F-14 QA Retrospective -- last call ==

Owner - jlaska
      * Last call for feedback on
      * Really good list of improvement areas generated so far, but more
        feedback never hurts.
      * Suggestions on collaborating on recommendations encouraged
Next steps ...
      * jlaska - Organize feedback into actionable recommendations

== F-15 QA schedule drafted ==

Owner - poelstra
      * Fedora 15 QA schedule has been drafted and is available for
        review at Feedback welcome ...
Next steps ...
      * poelstra to present schedule to FESCO for approval

= Open discussion - <Your topic here> =

== AutoQA ticket#205 == 

Owner - mkrizek
      * mkrizek mentioned he has a working script to submit bodhi update
        feedback and is looking for a sample test to integrate the
        support with.  Between 'depcheck' and 'upgradepath', it was
        recommended to use 'upgradepath' since 'depcheck' is still in a
        private branch and it isn't clear whether it's ready to be
        integrated yet.
Next Steps
      * mkrizek will test bodhi feedback integration with 'upgradepath'

= Action items =
      * None

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