Audio and Gallium3D woes in Rawhide

Thomas Belvin thomasbelvin at
Tue Nov 9 04:21:27 UTC 2010

I recently upgraded to Rawhide from F14 Updates-Testing. I can get
audio with the old kernel, but booting into the Rawhide kernel kills
the audio, and Gallium3D died after the upgrade. I can get pulse audio
listed in SystemSettings when I do "pulseaudio -k", but I still get
"Dummy Output" every where else and no audio. Also instead of
Gallium3D I get software mode in either kernel after the upgrade. I
was wondering if no audio and no Gallium3D is common right now in
Rawhide. I did a quick search for bugs, but didn't see any for "dummy
output" (just a lot of possibly unrelated pulse complaints) or
"gallium" (also a lot of possibly unrelated nouveau complaints).

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