How to make a program static (for bug regression)?

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>> >  I would like to compile pan(1) with completely static libraries
>> >  so I can tell if the breakage I've reported is from some library
>> >  that got hosed in an update vs. something in the kernel itself.
> Can you run it via gdb from an xterm?
>> >  
>> >  Adding -static results in 52 undefined libraries.  The first one
>> >  I looked for didn't have a static version available.
> This will be the norm since they are considered bad practice.
>> >  
>> >  Is there a reasonable way to get a statically linked version without
>> >  having to compile 52 libraries from source?
>> >  
> As far as I know, no.  However, you can install the debug information
> packages for all of these, allowing you to use gdb to see the code as it
> executes.
> First, I would install the debug package for pan, or compile it with
> debugging turned on if there is none.  Then run it via gdb until the
> problem occurs, and look where it is.  Because it isn't actually
> crashing for you, it isn't as simple as
> gdb pan
> run
> and dissect the crash.  You'll have to use pan until you see the
> behavior that is wrong and then look.  It could take a few tries, but
> you should be able to narrow it down to what is wrong.
> Because the debug packages are with optimization turned on, they will
> occasionally skip lines, and jump around the source, but you should be
> able to get an idea at least.
Pan does not crash.  It appears that the data Pan gets has missing
bytes - a handful or so at a time.  It is not exactly repeatable;
downloading the same part yielded a different pattern of corruption
each of a half dozen or so times I tried it.

By the time Pan detects the error with a failed CRC or size check,
the actual error event has long since receded into history.

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