Firefox update? and yum mirror error on Rawhide

Thomas Belvin thomasbelvin at
Sun Nov 14 21:06:44 UTC 2010

I get "Could not find compatible GRE between version 2.0b6 and 2.0b6."
when running Firefox Beta 6 on Rawhide, but no error with Beta 7. Is
this because xulrunner was updated, but not Firefox? I was getting
random crashes in Beta 6 anyway and Beta 7 seems smoother, so glad
there's an update.

I also wasn't getting any updates through yum for a couple of days,
but tried to install something, and couldn't get a mirror to download
from. I had to uncomment "baseurl" and manually add a url, and then
comment out "mirrorlist" in fedora-rawhide.repo. I hope I didn't mess
my install up by doing "rpm --rebuilddb" earlier, because during the
mirror error, "/var/cache/yum/i386/" keeps rebuilding 15 and not
updating rawhide. I got the workaround from this thread

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