Radeon power management and KMS

Christoph Frieben christoph.frieben at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 20 07:29:53 UTC 2010

What's up with Radeon power management under KMS? The most recent
related entries in the kernel change log read:

* Wed Jun 16 2010 Kyle McMartin <kyle redhat com> 2.6.34-40
- Fix up radeon_pm toggle to work with the upstream code.

* Sun Jun 13 2010 Kyle McMartin <kyle redhat com> 2.6.34-34
- Provide a knob to enable radeon_pm to allow users to test
  that functionality. Add radeon.pm=1 to your kernel cmdline
  in order to enable it. (It still defaults to off though.)

However, kernel option radeon.pm has no effect, and 'modinfo radeon' returns:

parm:           no_wb:Disable AGP writeback for scratch registers (int)
parm:           modeset:Disable/Enable modesetting (int)
parm:           dynclks:Disable/Enable dynamic clocks (int)
parm:           r4xx_atom:Enable ATOMBIOS modesetting for R4xx (int)
parm:           vramlimit:Restrict VRAM for testing (int)
parm:           agpmode:AGP Mode (-1 == PCI) (int)
parm:           gartsize:Size of PCIE/IGP gart to setup in megabytes
(32,64, etc) (int)
parm:           benchmark:Run benchmark (int)
parm:           test:Run tests (int)
parm:           connector_table:Force connector table (int)
parm:           tv:TV enable (0 = disable) (int)
parm:           new_pll:Select new PLL code (int)
parm:           audio:Audio enable (0 = disable) (int)
parm:           disp_priority:Display Priority (0 = auto, 1 = normal,
2 = high) (int)
parm:           hw_i2c:hw i2c engine enable (0 = disable) (int)

No trace of pm whatsoever ... Has support for this feature been
discarded in Fedora kernels?


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