Suspend not Working

Marudhu Pandiyan marudhu.nandhu at
Mon Nov 22 17:01:37 UTC 2010

I'm using F13 on a Intel Core2 duo  i686 architecture 32bit.
Intel Mobile chipset Graphics card.

Gnome as the Prefered Desktop.

But i dn know wat does the "desktop environment" going to do in suspending the 
system. And i686 or i386 or i586.. what does these specifications going to do in 
Suspending the system bcoz linux was designed to operate with lowest possible 
configurations it must do well in higher configurations too bcoz intel 
processors are of backword compatability. 


From: Stefan Grosse <singularitaet at>
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Sent: Sun, November 21, 2010 8:07:34 PM
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On Sat, 20 Nov 2010 21:02:19 -0800 (PST) Marudhu Pandiyan wrote:

MP> First i used F11 and now F13.. In both i can "suspend to ram" only
MP> once.. If i suspend for the second time in a row.. I cant get out
MP> of suspend at all..
MP> I dn use any swap space.. Kindly try to get this problem solved..

You will not get much help without more details. What architecture you
have (32 or x64) which kind of hardware (intel, nvidia, ati) which kind
of board, what desktop environment (KDE/gnome/...)

Don't expect us to have clairvoyant abilities...


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