Introduction: BugZapper Magnus Glantz

Magnus Glantz mg at
Wed Nov 24 21:02:28 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I just decided to join the BugZappers team and thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm a guy from Sweden in his 30's. I've been a Fedora fan for a long 
time and have done some smaller contributions to l10n and docs before I 
got two kids ;-) Now the kids are older, meaning I get some free time 
now and then.. A day or two ago I stumbled upon a bug which was a clear 
duplicate of another bug that the maintainer was working on, so I closed 
it - the feeling of being "on the other side" of Bugzilla was a neat 
one, so here I am :-) I'm hoping to help and close a bug or two on my 
free time.

I make a living as a consultant, working for Red Hat, where I do a fair 
share of troubleshooting. Joining "BugZappers" I hope to learn more 
about Fedora and troubleshooting various software. Due to me travelling 
a lot I'll be putting in time on and off.

I've read up on and am now 
ready to boldly go out and try and close some bugs.
I'm humble to the fact that I'm new on this, so please don't hesitate to 
give me pointers :-)

Magnus Glantz

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