WRT MacBook Air and Fedora

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Fri Nov 26 23:42:11 UTC 2010

I use Virtualbox 3.2.10 for OSX on the MacBook Air OSX 10.6.5
sound works fine on a fedora 13 -Desktop and fedora 14 -Desktop_live  
installs to the Hard disk with liveinst.
 (tested with Rhythmbox Music Player-Absolute Radio)
Host Driver: CoreAudio
Controller:     ICH AC97
One advantage is that the wireless driver works in Virtualbox. Otherwise 
if I use A helper CD to boot a USB install (Liveusb-creator) I need to 
use the Cat5 MacBook Air Specific Air Dongle to get networking to work.
Very fast performance for a Virtualization.

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