Questions about Fusion Linux

Jon Ciesla limb at
Tue Oct 19 15:42:38 UTC 2010

TK009 wrote:
> I got an email this morning from the Fusion Linux group. In it, the
> group lead suggested this to one of his users -
> "Fusion 14 betais based on Fedora 14 which isn't released yet so there
> could be number of bugs that haven't been fixed yet. I suggest you
> report the bug via fedora bugtracker and just say that you are using
> Fedora 14."
> Do we now support Fusion Linux as well? Is it correct for them to use bugzilla?
Interesting.  Their website is somewhat inconsistent.  On the main page 
they talk about including nonfree bits, and in the about section, they 
say "Fusion Linux is a completely free and open source based Linux 
operating system,", etc.

Err, no.

WRT using our Bugzilla, I suppose they can file whatever they want, and 
since it's a Remix, many things will be the same, but if the maintainer 
can't reproduce the issue because Fedora lacks some other nonfree 
app/driver/firmware, it'll get closed.  It would be better if they'd 
maintain their own BZ or something for the Fusion customizations, that's 
up to them.


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