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Not sure about that, but what appears to have happened is "FusionLinux"
looks just a 3rd party spin which includes
rpmfusion-{non,}free,livna,adobe,google,skype type-repos on a single
installable media.  Plus some packages the maintainer did.

It does not look like they even --rebuilt them at first glance.

Very difficult to determine once installed I'd bet.


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On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 10:29 AM, TK009 <john.brown009 at> wrote:

> I got an email this morning from the Fusion Linux group. In it, the
> group lead suggested this to one of his users -
> "Fusion 14 betais based on Fedora 14 which isn't released yet so there
> could be number of bugs that haven't been fixed yet. I suggest you
> report the bug via fedora bugtracker and just say that you are using
> Fedora 14."
> Do we now support Fusion Linux as well? Is it correct for them to use
> bugzilla?
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