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> On Thu, Sep 02, 2010 at 09:29:40AM +0000, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson"
> wrote:
> >   Never seen any option for voting on bugs in bugzilla and
> > seriously doubt the use of it's existence because maintainers would
> > ignore that just as well as if you start messing around with the
> > priority levels and severity levels. ( The priority levels are for
> > them to set and use only ).
> > 
> > But I'm not surprised that your privileges got revoked on this
> > voting system if you went trigger happy on the voting and thus
> > abused it's existence and it's purpose one can even go so far and
> > say you managed to voted your self out of it :)
> That's not quite the way it used to work (at least until today.)  One
> has X amount of votes, and could choose to use as many, or as few as
> one, as desired, depending upon the importance, to the individual, of
> the bug.  
> I imagine someone decided to change the rules, and announced somewhere
> that none of us who were surprised by it look.  'Tain't the first
> time. :)

I'll repost what I posted to devel just a few ago. 
Sorry for any confusion. I didn't think it would be sending emails, and
particularly with such a poor subject. ;( 

> Has it been disabled recently?  

Short answer: Yes. It has. 

Longer answer: 

FESCo looked at trying to use voting data to give us an idea on 'hot'
bugs that we might be able to send more resources to fix. Sadly, voting
isn't at all good for this, as people have many votes (100 or 1000, I
forget which), so it's hard to tell if an issue affects 10 people or
100 by that. Many people didn't see the voting interface, so they
wouldn't have used it even if the problem was severe or affected a lot
of people. Some people were using the voting interface, even though no
maintainers ever noticed it (ie, thinking this could help the bug get
solved, but it's like the maintainer and voter were in seperate worlds
without any communication). 

So, we decided it would be less confusing to just disable it. 

We decided to look into using CC or comments to tell when a bug had a
lot of people affected or was 'very active'. Unfortunately, this also
is proving to be difficult to implement. See:
any help there would be appreciated. 

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