Karma needed for anaconda-15.27-1.fc15

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Thu Apr 7 15:29:51 UTC 2011

Greetings folks,

The last planned update to anaconda before RC1 is available for testing.
I built a custom boot.iso in order to provide karma feedback on
anaconda-15.27-1.  The boot.iso was also created using the latest
systemd and NetworkManager updates, but those are not required to test
the updated installer.  In order for these updates to land in the Beta
RC compose, they need some karma feedback. 

If you have a moment, and spare hardware/guest, please add karma
feedback to:
      * https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/anaconda-15.27-1.fc15

You can test this update several ways, including ... 
     1. Updating requested packages and running liveinst from the
        F-15-Beta-TC1 live image.  This should be sufficient for
        critpath karma.
     2. Boot a custom boot.iso - The boot.iso is available at

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