some issues with 15 Beta RC2 Live Desktop CD

Andre Robatino robatino at
Mon Apr 11 03:48:55 UTC 2011

1) In the boot menu, there is a "Verify and Boot" option, but I didn't see any
evidence of a verify being done. I know that the netinst install disc no longer
has a mediacheck. Is this also true for live images? If a verify is being done,
the user should know it. If not, the "Verify and Boot" menu item should be
removed. I'll file a bug either way.

2) In attempting to test in a VM
(both VirtualBox and KVM) there are no desktop icons at all, so in particular
it's impossible (or at least not obvious how) to install to hard drive. But
booting it on bare metal, the desktop icons are there. Anyone else seeing this?

3) Using gnome-session-properties to automatically remember running applications
when logging out works fine in fallback mode (at least in VirtualBox). But
booting on bare metal, with gnome shell, after logging out and back in, I can
only see the application(s) in the first workspace, but nothing else. No top
panel bar, the Super key doesn't work, no way to switch workspaces, so the only
escape is to restart the X server, and when logging back in the same thing
happens. Is this supposed to work in gnome shell (as opposed to fallback)?

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