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Tim Flink tflink at
Thu Apr 14 23:49:51 UTC 2011

On 04/14/2011 02:32 PM, Martin Sourada wrote:
> Well, for gnome (and gdm) you should get the picture in 'Wallpaper
> (GNOME)' section on that page you mentioned. It's set via
> 'desktop-backgrounds-gnome' package, if that's not installed on Desktop
> Spin than the comps should be adjusted... AFAIK on GNOME you can get
> only upstream default or the stripes with bird as default wallpaper,
> the F15 "proper default" is available only as optional wallpaper via
> lovelock-backgrounds-gnome package (just as for other DEs the striped
> one is available via lovelock-backgrounds-stripes-{kde,xfce} packages).
> I hope my explanation makes sense :D

The default background on my new install is the default gnome3
background [1] instead of the fedora stripes background.

I see desktop-backgrounds-basic installed, but desktop-backgrounds-gnome
is not installed. When I install desktop-backgrounds-gnome, it pulls in
lovelock-backgrounds-stripes-gnome and
lovelock-backgrounds-stripes-single. When I logout and login again after
installing the backgrounds package, the desktop is indeed the fedora
stripes background [2]

If I understood you correctly, the default install should have pulled in
the fedora stripes background instead of the gnome3 stripes background.
That was also my understanding.

Well, I'll file a bug and we'll see where it goes. The worst thing that
could happen is that it gets closed.



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