SoaSv5-20110415-i686 Testing

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at
Sat Apr 16 16:20:48 UTC 2011

Soas-v5 testing version with fixes by pbrobinson. [1]
Wiki Page [2]
This is actually: x86-64 (mislabeled)
Boots CD with "c" on power up of MacBook Pro i7
   Requires USB Mouse or Trackpad and wired network (No wireless)
Installs to VirtualBox4.0.4 OSX Correctly with "liveinst" in root terminal
Tested on ACER ASPIRE ONE N45 and external DVD/CD USB drive
starts at Name____
Activities Tests:
Key to preliminary tests:  &= does not start (+/-)=starts but not right
Write 72
Memorize 36
(+/-) Etoys 116 error on start
(+/-)Calculate 35  blank sub-menus
Physics 8
(+/-)Record 66 no sound
Speak 20
& Turtle Art 35
IRC 9  slow starting  (needs to point to port 8001)
(+/-)Pippy 40 cannot import name physics etc not all functions play 
(physics xolympics)'''
Chat 70
Log 24
Abacus 19
Terminal 31
& Browse 120

Sugar on a Stick 5 Fedora Release 15 (Lovelock) Sugar 0.92.1
No Jabber  connections after restart to gdm login for live user; jabber 
is found and works????
Network cannot connect to wireless  (sees wireless AP in F1 
neighborhood; but no drop down connect message)
Ethernet works with cat 5 cable


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