Who took my beep?

Göran Uddeborg goeran at uddeborg.se
Mon Apr 18 21:19:31 UTC 2011

I've been experimenting a bit by installing bits and pieces from F15,
without doing a complete install.  Now I realised my beep had
disappeared.  I'm talking about the nice classical square wave PC
speaker beep.  The thing that sounds when I, for example, try to do
tab-expansion in an xterm, and there are several alternative ways to

I note that "xkbbell" is silent, but "xkbbell -force" still generates
the beep.  And if I go to a virtual console rather than to the X
environment, the beep is back.  So apparently it is not a kernel
driver thing, but something is taking the X events.  Or something like

I've heard that some desktop environments do things like this.  But
I'm running a quite bare twm environment, so I doubt it is in the

Is there a simple way to find out what is blocking the events?  Or do
I have to do some kind of binary search over the things I've updated
to F15 recently?

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