SoaSv5-20110415-i686 Testing

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Mon Apr 18 22:59:14 UTC 2011

Hi Adam,

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

>> Sugar on a Stick 5 Fedora Release 15 (Lovelock) Sugar 0.92.1
>> No Jabber  connections after restart to gdm login for live user; jabber
>> is found and works????
>> Network cannot connect to wireless  (sees wireless AP in F1
>> neighborhood; but no drop down connect message)
>> Ethernet works with cat 5 cable
>> [1]
>> [2]
> This is really useful stuff, thanks! Can you file bugs for each issue
> you hit? Some of them should be proposed as 'nice to have' for F15:

I've filed a couple of bugs and added them to the tracker.

> i.e., mark the bugs as blocking the bug F15-accepted . That would
> include the failure to connect to wireless networks, and any activities
> which fail to launch or are rendered unusable by the bugs you saw.

Files bugs for the network and for Browse. Will review others further.
One other problem is for gnome-python2-desktop and its evince
bindings. Not sure if there's any other bugs for
gnome-python2-desktop. I'll try to look tomorrow.

> Thanks again! I've been meaning to test Sugar for the desktop validation
> tests this cycle but haven't got to it yet, so I'm glad someone did. You
> can fill out your results at
> too, if
> you like.

I've updated the test cases that I've been able to test this evening
and added the appropriate bugs.


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