Multiple F15Beta bugs in under an hour

John Watzke watzkej at
Thu Apr 21 01:39:52 UTC 2011

> Next bug is no debuginfo packages for key bits like glibc means no
> automatic bug report from abrt was possible.  Guys, no debug packages
> means no good reports, which is the whole point of a beta, right?

   Are you saying that ABRT didn't download debuginfo packages?  For a while
now (not just F15) debuginfo isn't installed at install time.  It just
automatically gets downloaded when ABRT tries to generate the backtrace and
it caches them in /var rather than installing them as full RPMs on the
system.  If ABRT didn't actually download the debugs that's actually a bug
and you probably should report it.

> Launch firefox and display the About popup.  Notice anything missing?
> Yup, the only way to be rid of it is to stop FF and kill off
> xulrunner-bin.  Or perhaps xkill?  Is this a window manager (mutter?)
> bug?

   Not that I specifically agree with it but popup windows like the about
window are dismissed with the Esc key rather than a close button.
Gnome-shell has some minimalistic design decisions in it which will take
some getting used to like the lack of a minimize button and the alt button
press for a shutdown.  That last one seems fine for desktops which I run
24x7 but not necessarily laptops which I tend to shutdown and pack away.

   -- John Watzke
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