Multiple F15Beta bugs in under an hour

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Thu Apr 21 03:57:52 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-04-20 at 20:07 -0500, John Morris wrote:
> Ok, downloaded the F15Beta live cd today.  Booted it on a Thinkpad X200s
> docked with external display, keyboard and mouse + internal panel.
> Guess I'll run the bugs by roughly in the order discovered.
> Grub is the first one.  The external keyboard didn't work.  It does on
> F12 which is the primary OS on the machine.


> Lauching the file browser (nautilus?) and mousing over the available
> mount points got a crash from gvfs.


> Next bug is no debuginfo packages for key bits like glibc means no
> automatic bug report from abrt was possible.  Guys, no debug packages
> means no good reports, which is the whole point of a beta, right?

debuginfo packages are always generated in builds, they don't go
'missing'. We'd need much more detail on what you actually saw to figure
out what problem you had here.

> Cups is present and browsing is enabled but no printers show.  Lots of
> printers are expected to show.  Nothing interesting in the logs.

Did you set the firewall appropriately?

> My large display is to the left of the laptop.  This is correctable via
> the GUI.  Making it the primary display isn't, xrandr is required to set
> the primary display with 'xrandr --output HDMI2 --primary'  If the user
> needs the terminal for something that basic, more baking needs doin'.

It's not actually basic, because there's no way to reliably detect which
display should be the primary in any given configuration. But the
Display applet could probably stand having a button to do it, yeah.

> Invoking the sound config locks if you click on a default sound.  Quiet
> repeating grunts are audible until it finally crashes for good and
> again, abrt can't make a report.  Not sure yet if that is a kernel
> problem, the eternal horror of pulseaudio or something new.  When I get
> time I will poke around more and report.  Please don't be a kernel bug!
> I have had to pass over F13 and F14 because of kernel bugs in undocking
> if I have to skip F15 for sound I'm boned.  Pulseaudio I can remove.

That sounds like a hardware-specific kernel bug to me (PulseAudio
generally can't crash anything _that_ hard).

> Launch firefox and display the About popup.  Notice anything missing?
> Yup, the only way to be rid of it is to stop FF and kill off
> xulrunner-bin.  Or perhaps xkill?  Is this a window manager (mutter?)
> bug?

Or...the Esc key. This one's been reported already.

> And finally, good thing I read the mailing lists... otherwise I'd have
> never guessed holding ALT down was the only way to shutdown or reboot.
> What genius of user interface design thought that was a good idea?
> REALLY?  Seriously, this is introducing a whole new idiom to user
> interfaces that people have zero expectation of.  The choices presented
> in a menu should not vary based on buckybits.  It violates decades of
> user expectations.

The alternative was not having the Shut Down option at all, so be
careful what you wish for...=)
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