Sample items and configurations to test updates

Samuel Greenfeld greenfeld at
Wed Apr 27 02:48:53 UTC 2011

Watching the latest updates in Fedora, there have been many items (libtiff,
wireshark, asterisk, etc.) which I know how to use, but I am somewhat
hesitant to test since they require having a lot of sample files,
configurations, and (in the case of things like Asterisk) other systems to
talk to.

And while Bugzilla often tells us the exact format(s) and protocol(s) fixed
by a release, the particular items needed to test it are hard to predict in

Does the Fedora test team or a related project have a library of
configuration and test files of various types which may be downloaded for
testing purposes?  If not perhaps we should create one.  Making setups and
sample items on the fly using software other than that under test can take
me a lot of time.

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