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Samuel Greenfeld greenfeld at
Wed Apr 27 15:57:17 UTC 2011

Personally I was thinking the file library probably should be a separate
structure from the test cases.  While configuration files may be
package-specific, sample graphic and sound files may be usable by more than
one application.

Copyright guidelines on what is and is not allowed in this library also
would have to be created if the wiki doesn't have these already.   A quick
glance suggests that many Image files in the Fedora wiki do not have
Wikipedia-style licensing tags, so I don't know what documentation approach
is desired.

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 11:28 AM, Clyde E. Kunkel
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> On 04/26/2011 10:48 PM, Samuel Greenfeld wrote:
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> >
> > Does the Fedora test team or a related project have a library of
> > configuration and test files of various types which may be downloaded for
> > testing purposes?  If not perhaps we should create one.  Making setups
> and
> > sample items on the fly using software other than that under test can
> take
> > me a lot of time.
> >
> Really needed!  The current test cases work well, but most of the
> packages held for security testing and critical path testing do not have
> test cases with necessary files.
> Some developers/packagers do have test files, but it is hard to find
> them.  Maybe one of the excellent Fedora or Red Hat gurus could come up
> with a way to collect them, organize them and put them on a server
> somewhere.  I know, maintenance would be difficult, but then maybe it
> could be automated as a byproduct of packaging and updating the
> packages.  Just a thought.
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