Anaconda: LUKSError: luks device not configured

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Wed Aug 3 10:01:02 UTC 2011

Downloaded Fedora 16 Alpha TC1 netinstall iso x86_64 for a first brief
look. Booted the included isolinux kernel+initrd. Cancelled the first
LUKS passphrase prompt, but entered the passphrase for an experimental
/home LV, which is shared by several dist releases on this machine. Had
to enter it a second time before the installer would continue (uh?).

After choosing "Create custom layout", Anaconda re-examined the devices
once more, then crashed:

  LUKSError: luks device not configured

Trying to "Save" the backtrace, I encountered additional problems,
apparently failing (silently?) to enable a network device, mouse pointer
animation didn't stop spinning, and

  Cannot connect to Gnome keyring daemon

appeared, also on a virtual console. I'll retry the installation during
the day a few more times.

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