Plan for gobject-introspection / pygobject2 mismatch?

Michel Alexandre Salim salimma at
Wed Aug 3 10:49:24 UTC 2011

Hello all,

The stable release of pygobject2 does not support the latest versions
of gobject-introspection (that we ship in F-16 and Rawhide); this is
exposed by e.g. gnome-tweak-tool not working; see for details.

Mageia has a fix for this (thanks, Adam Williamson, for ferreting out
other distros' bug reports), which involves making
gobject-introspection generate old-style annotations. The commit for
that fix (see my comment on the bugzilla link) mentions that the
alternative is to use the invoke-rewrite branch of pygobject2.

Since there probably are other affected apps, in addition to
gnome-tweak-tool, we probably need to find a solution to this quick.
Do pygobject2 and gobject-introspection maintainers have a preference
as to which? My preference is to update pygobject2 -- if we revert
gobject-introspection, who knows what other bugs might crop up; and
pygobject2's rewrite could use some additional testers anyway.


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