Post-TC1 strategizin'

Chris Lumens clumens at
Thu Aug 4 16:03:13 UTC 2011

> > So, we have the choice of waiting for all blockers to be resolved before
> > we do the next compose, which might take a while, or doing a TC2 with
> > the most critical fixes in. What approach do people think we should
> > take? Would a TC2 have any value or should we just clean up all the
> > blockers we know about before we do another build, and make it RC1?
> How about a respin focused on getting anaconda working, so people can at
> least do basic testing?

So far, very few of the problems in this release have been
anaconda-related, and many of those have workarounds.  I don't think
we're holding up testing for most people.

- Chris

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