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Dennis Appelon Nielsen dennis at
Thu Aug 4 22:12:40 UTC 2011

Hi All You Bug Zappers
My name is Dennis Appelon Nielsen AKA: AppelonD . I'm happy to apply for
membership of the BugZapper Fedora group.
I'm 30 years old and live in Denmark. In my day work I'm a Linux system
administrator for a company called Logica Danmark A/S
I'm a Red hat Certified Technician (RHCT - 605009853527704), aiming at
becoming RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect). I have used Red Hat Linux
sense 1998 where I finished my education as an IT-Supporter.
In my day work I'm the main contact between my company and Red Hat, and
I maintain around 100 RHEL servers, most of them which I have installed
my self. 
I live and bereave for OpenSource, and are happy to brand my self as a
OpenSource fanatic. I'm learning Python, and understand most of the
Python code I see, I primary worked with GUI development, and some data
collection scripts I wrote my self. I love playing around with server
configuration, and graphic issues when it comes to proprietary Nvidia
for Gnome, also everything there have a hint of debugging in the
console, all the way from BIOS though all the runlevels to Gnome.

Best regards
Dennis Appelon Nielsen

AKA: AppelonD 

Find me on:
G+ | | Flickr |
My English homepage about OpenSource:
My Danish blog: 
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