My observations with Fedora 16 Alpha Release Candidate 3 (RC3) - follow up, legacy boot: mbr maxed out

Jurgen Kramer gtmkramer at
Wed Aug 10 12:20:49 UTC 2011

As a follow up on my previous mail. In an attempt to get F16 booting
with the legacy boot method I found out that we run out of partitions
with the MBR scheme. OS X Lion already uses 3 partitions for itself
(EFI, OSX, recovery) and anaconda want to add another 3 (bios
boot, /boot, LVM). Anaconda then fails to install the grub bootloader
to /dev/sda5. So for Macs with Lion the only option is proper EFI boot
and EFI partitions, currently this seems to need some more work.


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