Fedora Alpha RC3, tests

Juan P. Daza P. tcpip4000 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 14:32:06 UTC 2011

Hi, this are my results for the for some of the Fedora Alpha RC3 DVD
x86_64 test cases:

DVD.iso installation:

* QA:Testcase_Mediakit_ISO_Size: Passed
* QA:Testcase_Mediakit_ISO_Checksums: Passed
* QA:Testcase Mediakit Repoclosure: Passed (Num Packages in Repos: 3034)
* QA:Testcase_Mediakit_FileConflicts: Passed
* QA:Testcase Boot Methods Dvd: Passed  (tested with a USB memory)
* QA:Testcase_install_repository_DVD_default: Passed (tested with a
USB memory, is not clear if USB installation is valid in this test)

General Tests :

* QA:Testcase_Memtest86: Passed
* QA:Testcase_Install_Image_Boot_Local: Passed
* QA:Testcase Anaconda User Interface Graphical: Passed

This was a clean installation in an Athlon x3 system with windows 7.

linux user: 431181

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