[Test-Announce] Fedora 16 Alpha Release Candidate 4 (RC4) Available Now!

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Tue Aug 16 03:07:24 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-08-15 at 21:38 -0400, Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:

> Still not installable for me.  Bzs 727966 and 723167 apply and both 
> should be alpha blockers. 

727966 requires custom layout, which makes it Final, not Alpha. 723167
is supposed to be fixed in RC4; if you think it still applies, add a
comment with precise details.

In general, if you think a bug should be a blocker, please mark it as
such (if you have the appropriate privileges in Bugzilla) or request it
on this list. Mentioning it in the bug isn't really enough, because we
can't be sure anyone who cares enough to set the blocks: field is
actually going to see it.

We want Bugzilla to let anyone set the blocks: field so this isn't a
problem any more, but I'm not getting much traction with the BZ
maintainers on that :/

>  Also, need a tag for 16-Alpha in bugzilla, 
> for auto reporting of tracebacks.

Not sure what you mean by that.
Adam Williamson
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