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Grady Rein reingrady at
Wed Aug 17 00:34:59 UTC 2011


My name is Grady E. Rein. I am a rising High School Senior. I've had about 2
years worth of Linux experience and about a year and a half with Fedora/RPM
based Linux. My nick in IRC is Gr72 if you wish to contact me.  As for area
I would liek to work in I don't have a preference. Wherever you need me I'm
willing to help. I am an amateur Java dev and am hoping to learn C++/# as
well as Python. I am a quick learner so wherever you need me I could be of
great use. I am new to bug Triaging so some guidance would be helpful to
start with if at all possible but other than that I can't wait to start.

Grady E. Rein

Grady E. Rein
Chesapeake High School
Class of 2012
Major: Criminal Justice
Minor: Engineering
(410) 687-0578, reingrady at
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