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Wed Aug 17 01:55:40 UTC 2011

On 2011/08/16 19:21 (GMT-0400) Benjamin Kosnik composed:

> Yeah. That's right. I'm psyched to have this in fedora.

Not me.

> This will hopefully allow fedora to deal with GPT in a saner and more-up-to-date way, thus resolving many bugzilla reports.

But you get a vastly larger set of bugs with it. It's a mini operating 
system, far more complex than Legacy grub.

> Including some of the interoperability issues with fedora/mac dual boot.

No small problem with Grub2 is that few but Grub devs know how to configure 
it. Grub2 documentation is among the worst of the bad, virtually 
non-existent, particularly in a form those who need it most can comprehend, 
e.g. multibooters, RAID users & GPT users who are not Grub devs.
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