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#222: L10N Test Day
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Comment (by noriko):

 > Noriko, is it possible to file the ticket for the creation of the
 translation review image a couple days earlier so we can have it ready on
 Aug 26th?[[BR]]

 Hum... it seems safer to me to follow the schedule.[[BR]]
 On the schedule, the reminder to the maintainers to rebuild with latest
 package will be sent 22-Aug(Mon), and the image will be created on
 26-Aug(Fri), and the L10N Test day will be on 29-Aug(Mon). This schedule
 can allow a couple of days for the maintainers to rebuild their packages
 with latest translation, as well accommodate the time lag upon the review
 image creation with the following weekend.


 # Anyway, I will send the reminder to devel-announce today.

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