persistent gnome dep problems (F16 alpha rc3-5, alpha), --skip-broken wants to haul in 32-bit libs

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at
Wed Aug 24 17:09:21 UTC 2011

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 17:26:44 +0100
Richard Hughes wrote:

> I'm seriously wondering if multilib is worth all this hassle...

Oh I've never wondered that: It has clearly never been a good
idea. Starting with the total lack of documentation about how
the heck it actually works when (for instance) multilib rpms
both contain /usr/bin binaries of the same name and going
through all the problems it causes with updates (like these).

Seems to me the "problem" should always have been fixed
by simply packaging the rpms correctly with shared noarch
bits in one rpm, /lib bits in another, /lib64 bits in
another, and /bin bits in yet another.

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