persistent gnome dep problems (F16 alpha rc3-5, alpha), --skip-broken wants to haul in 32-bit libs

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Wed Aug 24 21:39:24 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-08-24 at 16:52 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-08-24 at 12:08 -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:
> > > 
> > > Just about everything actually is, but it was done in fits and starts
> > > and the Bodhi update edited over time, so not everything has made it to
> > > every mirror yet. If you're particularly impatient you can set up a side
> > > repo and stock it up from Koji to get the update done. That's what I
> > > did.
> > 
> > It looks like the giganto-GNOME-update needs to be combined with the
> > e-d-s/dependencies update, too, as various bits of the giganto-GNOME
> > update are built against the newer e-d-s.
> Everything in the gnome update has been built against the new eds. But I
> somewhat disagree with the notion that we need to keep sucking up more
> and more into this one update, making it ever harder to get any karma.
> Can't people just wait until their mirrors sync and install the evo
> update before they install the gnome update ? I mean, library deps still
> work as they always did ?

the problem is if either update gets karma and gets pushed before the
other, it puts the repo into a broken state. And since they're
inter-dependent, it causes confusion like people -1ing the gnome-shell
update because they don't have the packages from the e-d-s update; in a
way, having them separate is making it *harder* for you to get karma.

But yeah, I can see the problems with Enormo-Updates as well. I'm not
sure there's a really great way to handle updating such a giant mass of
inter-dependent packages, but if Luke or anyone else has any
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