Adding Fedora15 to F16alpha grub2 menu

Peter G. pgueckel at
Fri Aug 26 01:13:59 UTC 2011

Tom H wrote:

> The default Fedora install, up to now, has been to have a separate
> "/boot" in order to use LVM for "/". That's one reason and there are
> others (for example, some people don't mount "/boot" at boot; they
> only mount it to update the kernel and the boot config and then
> unmount it).

I never figured out a use for LVM, either ;-) I think I read it's going bye-bye, isn't 
it? Something about btrfs making it irrelevant?

And I don't know why you wouldn't want to mount /boot at boot. But I am just running a 
home desktop and a laptop computer :-) Nothing quirky, just what a man needs to be on 
the web.

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