setting up ssh

Peter G. pgueckel at
Fri Aug 26 21:33:48 UTC 2011

Michael Cronenworth wrote:

> Peter G. wrote:
>> iptables -L does now show an ssh entry. Does this also do ipv6 (or would
>> I ever need to deal with this in an ipv6 situation, down the road?)?
> No. You will want ip6tables for that.

Odd. I just checked /etc/sysconfig/ip6tables and there is this line:

-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT

But, then, we have the same situation as above, I guess, where you said there 
was a difference between the "saved configuration" and the "current, in-memory 

Oddly, though:

# ip6tables -L|grep ssh
ACCEPT     tcp      anywhere             anywhere             state NEW tcp 

I guess thatś because I restarted after I came back from the body shop.

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